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It deals for the most part with serious "A" westerns - the singing cowboy material of Roy Rogers and Gene Aut A very good anthology of academic essays on American westerns, As my title suggests, this is not - and does not pretend to be - a comprehensive history of the western film. And it is an academic study, written by a variety of mostly university professors who have studied the western in literature and film - not necessarily those who are well-versed in the whole of cinema or in popular culture. Some of the book can be rather difficult and strong on jargon, so be warned.

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The chapters for the most part are devoted to one film or one director, or in a couple of cases, an actor. There are several chapters that deal with the films of John Ford, the single most important of all directors who worked regularly in the genre; the longest chapter is devoted to the westerns of Delmer Daves, a relatively neglected figure much of whose work was, at the time this book was written and at the time I began reading it not widely available on home video it is now.

I wouldn't say the book derives from any specific political agenda, but I think it's safe to say that most of the writers here would be considered to the left of James Stewart and John Wayne without question. Most of them are also British, as are the editors - the book was first published in the UK - so the perspective is often more distanced and measured than you might find in the work of American writers. The most valuable chapters to me thus far have been those on Boetticher - too short by far though - Mann, Dietrich, and the first several chapters.

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The later chapters, focused as they are usually on a specific film and with a specific agenda, aren't as interesting. But I'm still going back to this book regularly, and will read the chapter on Daves in particular more carefully when I've managed to see more of his films.

There are many really terrific, well-chosen stills accompanying the text all in black-and-white , and a good index. Well-bound and a physically attractive book as well, at least in the dustjacketed hardcover edition I have. A very valuable book then for the serious western devotee interested in meatier critical essays on the subject; not something for the casual reader, certainly, and not for those who would like to see a critic's politics secondary, or absent, from their film reading. Maggie Hopkins rated it it was amazing Apr 07, Tim Lockwood rated it really liked it Aug 19, Valentino rated it liked it Aug 27, Scott Pearce rated it it was amazing May 19, Mr Daniel Padian rated it it was amazing Jul 11, Jw rated it it was amazing Sep 01, Susan Mollenkopf rated it it was amazing Jan 02, Gregory Nipper rated it it was amazing Mar 19, Ann rated it really liked it May 13, Matt Nix marked it as to-read Mar 22, Tulseluper added it Jan 24, Robert Kent marked it as to-read Aug 10, Edward marked it as to-read Aug 22, Debora Byrum added it Aug 31, Glen Oaks added it Apr 06, Jon S marked it as to-read Nov 06, Celine Marot marked it as to-read Nov 29, Robert added it May 14, Widi marked it as to-read Apr 02, Evelyn Rose marked it as to-read Aug 16, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Ian Cameron. Ian Cameron. His most famous book is probably Walkabout , first published as The Children and later made into a movie starring Jenny Agutter.

10 Must-read Spaghetti Western Books - From Leone to the Genre’s Demise

Payne has also used Ian Cameron and Donald Gordon as pseudonyms. He lives in Surrey, England, and has four sons and one daughter. Books by Ian Cameron. Trivia About Book of Westerns. No trivia or quizzes yet. The struggles in this novel are all too real—a dying Western town, an unhelpful government, an unrelenting natural enemy—and Kelton paints so vivid a portrait that you can almost feel the sand in your eyes and the dust in your throat.

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Hondo is the epitome of a cowboy—a tough, squinty-eyed loner with an underlying gentleness—who comes upon a woman and her son living in hostile Indian Territory. Complications arise with a host of bad guys, but the story has as much romance as it does bloody battles.

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  4. In the summer of , a stranger wearing all black rides into a small Wyoming town. No matter what your intentions are, in the Wild West, sometimes violence is the only answer.

    Frontier Westerns

    A winner of the Spur Award, The Shootist explores the mindset of a terminally ill gunman navigating the vanishing frontier. In this gripping tale, John Bernard Books must face the most fearsome opponent of all, an opponent he cannot win against: death.

    In his final afternoon, Bernard commits one last courageous act to make something of his life and death. Perhaps even more so than the cowboy, stagecoach, or outlaw, it was the Texas Longhorn that constituted the fabric of the American frontier. Truly, the story of the Longhorn is inextricable from the history of the West.

    James shows incredible insight to the lives of animals and Western characters, and the writing is charmingly colloquial. Book Reviews. Properties for Sale.

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    The Book of Westerns The Book of Westerns
    The Book of Westerns The Book of Westerns
    The Book of Westerns The Book of Westerns
    The Book of Westerns The Book of Westerns
    The Book of Westerns The Book of Westerns
    The Book of Westerns The Book of Westerns
    The Book of Westerns The Book of Westerns

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