Money Sense for Kids!

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More parents are sending their young children for lessons on financial literacy

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Money Sense for Kids!

Memory cards. The Budget Game.

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Space trader. This can be a difficult task for some because it can require a hard look in the mirror about their own financial habits. Money is a taboo subject matter because so many people make terrible choices with their money.

Further Reading: Priorities. After raising four kids, I can attest to the importance of conversations. With limited time and an abundance of important topics, every conversation communicates priorities. One clarification: The love of money is the root of all evil — not money itself.

Financial Literacy & Money Sense For Kids

Priorities of the heart are preeminent—and hopefully those priorities come out in conversations rather than just trivial matters that will make little difference in the years to come. This year my oldest daughter turned 6 and I introduced a weekly allowance to try and teach her about making smart choices with her own money.

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The biggest challenge is with gifts from friends and family for birthdays and Christmas. Not every gift needs to be a toy, and not every cash gift needs to turn into a trip to the toy store.

Teaching kids about money: Ages 7 to 12 is for saving, not spending

I like the jar technique too. Do a quick search for making money on the internet.

3 Things You Need to Do to Teach Kids Money Sense

Hundreds of pages will pop up promising fortunes. And I thought, OK that makes sense, pretend, or at least be cool with it, so they'll know that it's something you're sharing with them and they'll pick it up too," Kobliner said.

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And the same goes for those moments when you're teaching them about the value and exchange of money, whether it's saving money to buy a toy or paying for groceries. Remove any fear and anxiety you may harbor and give them the chance to form their own experiences around money.

That being said, if you are experiencing serious financial problems, it's OK to be honest with your child, but make sure you're clear on how this would affect their daily life, if at all, she says. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search".

Money Sense for Kids! Money Sense for Kids!
Money Sense for Kids! Money Sense for Kids!
Money Sense for Kids! Money Sense for Kids!
Money Sense for Kids! Money Sense for Kids!
Money Sense for Kids! Money Sense for Kids!
Money Sense for Kids! Money Sense for Kids!
Money Sense for Kids! Money Sense for Kids!

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