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The bulk of their losses were credited to tanks being blown up lest they fell into enemy hands. The rapidly deteriorating situation meant that many of the Jagdpanther crews sent to the front in had received little or no training, which reduced the already impaired effectiveness of the tank destroyer battalions. Walter J.

World of Tanks Jagdpanther - 9 Kills 5,1K Damage

Spielberger; Hilary L. Doyle; Thomas L. Germans Tanks of ww2. Jagdpanther early type of sPzAbt , France, spring Jagdpanther, 1st companie, schwere Panzer Abteilung , Ruhr pocket, March Early type Jagdpanther attached to the 19th SS Panzerdivision, Jagdpanther of the sPzAbt , Normandy, summer Jagdpanther, late type, unknown unit, France, winter Jagdpanther unknown sPzAbt , Ardennes, December Jagdpanther of the sPzAbt , Ruhr area, March Jagdpanther unknown sPzAbt , Eastern Front, early Jagdpanther unknown sPzAbt , Eastern front, early Unknown unit, Eastern Front, Many people love the Jagdpanther.

However, while it was a good vehicle, too few were built too late. There never was a 19th SS Pz Div.

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My guess is that the 19th is a misprint and should read 9th. Not sure about any others, but just wanted to let you know! Under Mobility It says that the effective range is km miles. It would be good if you fix that typo.

Jagdpanther G2 with Full Interior & Workable Track Links (Plastic model)

Left side, driver, gunner, commander, front to rear. Make up your mind. The article keeps calling it a KwK, the infobox says Pak. Wikipedia says Pak, although one could also argue it ought to be a Stuk. I am personally not convinced; the KwK 43 that was designed for the Tiger II was intentionally modified to give it a shorter recoil cylinder. It is easy to see the recoil cylinder under the barrel of the Pak 43 on the Nashorn, but not on the Jagdpanther, which suggests it uses the same gun as the Elefant and the Tiger II, the KwK.

They redesigned and redesignated them for a reason, because they were better suited to use in a vehicle than the Pak. Pak 43, fixed all over the article. Also, each gun has variants due to the various improvements and adaptations made. Your email address will not be published. Nazi Germany Tank hunter — built.

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Crew Inside the Jagdpanther there was a 5 man crew consisting of the commander, driver, gunner, loader and radio operator, with the latter doubling as machine gunner. Modifications As the war went on, several additions and adjustments were made to the Jagdpanther. Derivatives In late , plans had been made to mount the mm 5.

Historical context

Jagdpanther in action The Jagdpanther mainly saw action one the Western front from its deployment in March , with deployment to the Eastern front only occurring from January onwards. First blood The first action the Jagdpanthers saw was on the 30th of July, when they engaged a squadron of Churchill tanks near St.

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July 14, at pm. Stan Lucian says:. July 20, at pm. Will says:. November 16, at pm. Stefan Devriendt says:. January 22, at pm. Jim says:. Jagdpanthers themselves could engage armored targets some yards away and penetrate these with lethal efficiency - an amazing quality to say the least. However, as the war moved into , only Jagdpanthers were produced - well below expectations and so few in number that their imprint in the war was limited. As the Allies progressed along all fronts, closing in more and more on the vital German production facilities, the terror of the Jagdpanther on the battlefield became less and less.

Those that were in service were certainly a force to be reckoned with and - had it met its production goals - the mobile weapons platform would have continued to give Allied commanders something more to think about. By the end of the war, a proposed Jagdpanther variant mounting a mm main gun was developed into a mockup but no further. The Jagdpanther was a rather good design as a tank destroyer, it had a good power-to-weight ratio and had a gun that could destroy any Allied tank in service in the war. It did not suffer as much reliability problems due to being based on the later model Panther Ausf.

G , which had most of the initial problems fixed. It also used an improved transmission and final drive the two sources of most Panther issues that was planned for the Panther II. Jagdpanthers were assigned to heavy tank destroyer battalions in the Western Front and Eastern Front, though most of the Jagdpanthers were sent to deal with the Soviet onslaught, where it first saw combat action. One instance in July 30, saw three Jagdpanthers engage and destroy Churchill tanks in about two minutes, though two of them were abandoned by the crew due to damage.

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The th was the only battalion to have a full complement of Jagdtigers of about 42 Jagdpanthers at the Western Front, the th battalion only had 10 to 14 of these vehicles. The largest concentration of the Jagdpanther on the west was during the Ardennes Offensive of about 20 vehicles combat-ready. The Jagdpanthers served France from to the s.

V Panther tank. The first variant was the early version of the G1 self-propelled gun, produced from January to September The gun was fixed to the front armor with bolts inside the vehicle. Anti-magnetic Zimmerit paste was applied to the vehicle's vertical surface in its characteristic squares.

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Also, this variant lacked a snorkel. The plate covering the engine either completely lacked an opening or had an opening which was plugged closed. This tank destroyer also received a new gun mantlet. Zimmerit was not applied.


German Tank Destroyer Sd.Kfz.173 Jagdpanther

Heat shields were installed around the exhaust pipe, and the guide wheels had a larger diameter. The third variant was the G2, which was equipped with a new gun mantlet reinforced with bolts. An armored plate taken from the Pz. V Ausf. G Panther tank was installed over the engine. The trenching tool and cleaning rod tube was moved to the rear. This tank destroyer was a very effective weapon against all types of Soviet and Allied tanks.

It was used on the Western and Eastern fronts until the end of the war. For a heavy vehicle, the Jagdpanther had good speed and maneuverability.

Jagdpanther Jagdpanther
Jagdpanther Jagdpanther
Jagdpanther Jagdpanther
Jagdpanther Jagdpanther
Jagdpanther Jagdpanther

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