A Rude Awakening

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Yeah, you weren't just getting lazy, a new study shows.

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The new study lends support to the American Academy of Pediatrics' recent statement that middle and high schools shouldn't start earlier than a. The resulting data gave the research team an idea of their subjects' sleep patterns, but to investigate what sleep their bodies actually wanted, as opposed to what they got, the team had each participant come into the lab to measure something called dim light melatonin onset.

Rude Awakening

Basically, that's the time when the body starts producing more melatonin in preparation for sleep. As both the younger and older cohorts aged, the team found, they went to bed later and later, and on weekends they woke up at correspondingly later times, typically around 8 or a. That suggests that regardless of school policy, adolescents really ought to go to bed later.

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You probably won't smell Death before he knocks at your door. Answering two questions leads you to one of four scenarios, each with a different investment strategy. If the US economy is a coiled spring ready to surge, it has a strange way of showing it.

High School Is a Rude Awakening

Aside from insane federal, state, and local government debt, we owe trillions more in credit card, auto, student loan, and mortgage loans. That stands in the way of any meaningful expansion. Are those policy changes right around the corner? The GOP is divided at least three ways.

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Compromises that would bring more conservatives aboard repel the moderates—and vice versa. It would have eliminated the Obamacare taxes on higher-income Americans… and its Medicaid cuts were going to offset lower corporate tax rates in other legislation.

Bank deregulation? We hear talk about amending the Dodd-Frank Act, but nothing concrete is happening.

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One is a Democrat. Infrastructure stimulus?

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You can imagine how GOP deficit hawks loved that idea. But Democrats have little reason to cooperate.

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It gave us one in December and another in March, and more are coming. The Fed is clearly on a tightening path, but is it "aggressively" so? The March FOMC minutes, released last week, showed the Fed is seriously considering how it will unload its bloated bond portfolio.

A Rude Awakening A Rude Awakening
A Rude Awakening A Rude Awakening
A Rude Awakening A Rude Awakening
A Rude Awakening A Rude Awakening
A Rude Awakening A Rude Awakening
A Rude Awakening A Rude Awakening
A Rude Awakening A Rude Awakening

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